Coir machines

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The coir machines are the block making machines,crusher,baling press,defibering machines,turbocleaner,screener,hackling machines and the double shaft hackling machines.

The coir pith block making machines are used for making coir block.The coir crushers are used for crushing the coconut husks.Baling press compresses the loose fine coconut fiber into bales of fixed sizes and weights. De-Fibering machine is used to comb the husk to separate the Fiber and foreign materials.The coir fiber can be cleaned and knots & piths can be removed from its ends by high quality Turbo Cleaner. The screener machine cleans the fiber and gives good quality of fiber.The hackling machine is used for cleaning and separating fibers.The double shaft hackling machine is used for cleaning fibers

Yarn machines

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The yarn machines are silvering machines,ball winding machines,two ply yarn spinning machines,coir curling machines and winding machines.

The silvering machine is used for cleaning lumps in fibers.The ballwinding machine is used efficient winding of coirs.The yarnspinning machine is used to convert the coirs into thMore>>s.The coir curling machine is used to produce uniform and qualitative curled and twisted coir rope.The winding machine is used to wrap the coir rope or thMore>> onto a reel.

Coir products

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The coir products includes coco peat blocks,groww bag,husk chips,coir disk,pot media and othe coir products like hanging basket,twisted pair rope.

The coco peat blocks is used as growing medium and used for potting,seed stating.The grow bags are used for growing plants with short roots.The coconut husk chips are used for creating a pot for growming plants.The coco peat in disk shape is used in seed raising and seedling growth.The pot media is a coir pot that looks like a plant pot which is used for growing plants.The other coir products are hanging basket,twisted coir rope,detachable coco pole which are used in gardening.

Allied products

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The allied coir products includes the fiber doll,coquito shell,birds nest and feeding pots,coquito pots,forks and spoons,tissue papaer handles and tha shell stand.

The coir fiber doll is a 100% natural fiber product.The coquito shell is used for household purposes and it is used as ice cream cups,winw cups and snacks serving bowl.The feeding pot is made of coco shell which is smoothly polished inside and hairy outside.It is a 100% safe and natural eco friendly shell which is smooth inside and it is used to store food substances.The coir fork and spoon is made out of cleaned natural coconut shell and is of different sizes.The coir tissue paper holder is used in hotels,houses and shops.The shell stand is used for serving sugar,salt etc.